Sunday, December 26, 2021

Ongoing Covid Pandemic. Sheesh.

While looking up a recipe on my blog I realized I stopped blogging in April 2020, after covid 19 spread like wild fire shutting down not only Canada but the entire world.  

Prior to March 23, 2020 I had never made a face mask.  Today, December 26, 2021 I have sewn over 2,000 of them, most were donated, others sold to recoup supply costs and meet an ongoing demand for good fitting masks especially for children. The design favourite is 3D cotton face masks with silicone adjustment buckles and ponytail beads on elastic ear loops. There are tons of free you tube tutorials, this is the one I used.  I modified the pattern to have side casings.

Wrapping the ponytail beads behind the head creates an ear saver mask, that stays in place.  This is a better fit for little kids and folks who wear glasses. 
Bubble bees, owls, humming birds, dragon flies and lady bugs.
In June 2021, my second Pfizer shot.  Look at the size of the needle.  I was so very brave. On December 23rd I got the third booster with a grape sucker.  There was a big basket of them, I think they were for the kids but the pharmacist said anyone could have one.  
I was praying and hoping that we would not need to continue wearing face masks and social distancing since vaccinations were effective.  Sadly with covid variants, folks against vaccinations and health restrictions the pandemic continues.  These days I am not making as many masks, in Canada recent mask recommendations are for KN95 masks or medical disposable masks.  
I do not make new year's resolutions but do set goals.  In 2022, it is my intention to get back to sewing quilts, cell phone bags, hair towels, pj pants, bucket sun hats and anything else that tickles my fancy.  Also in 2022, I'm going to try really hard not to buy anymore fabric or thread for the entire year.  Another goal is to blog more often to catch up on events missed in 2021 and current activities. 

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