Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pfaff 7510 (Phyllis) Manufactured in Germany 1995

It has 99 stitches - 34 utility stitches (5 are buttonholes) and 65 embroidery stitches. Also, the alphabet and numbers in block and script.  It has the famous Pfaff IDT dual feed system, needle threader, needle up/down button, feed dogs can be dropped for free motion stitching, bobbin thread monitor, sewing help display based on the stitch chosen. I can change the stitch density and balance on embroidery stitches. Pattern mirror left to right and top to bottom. 
Phyllis sews lovely precise stitches.  She has a vertical loading bobbin.
I bought her used from the Brandon Sewing Centre in 2009.  She came complete with her original hard cover carrying case, accessories and operator's manual.
This is a sample of her stitches.  The spider web was free motion quilted.   I can alter the stitch width and length, as well as create pattern sequence of embroidery stitches and alphabet. Phyllis has nine memories to store pattern sequences.  This is the only sewing machine I own with instructions in the manual for embroidering a leather belt.
I use her to sew leather and polar fleece dog booties for Lily.  As well as free motion quilting, piecing, hemming denim jeans, putting in zippers and oven mitts.  Phyllis is a fantastic sewing machine she will sew threw anything I can fit under the presser foot without complaint.


  1. She looks so much like my 7550 which will also sew through a rock. She's my stand-by. If I have anything that one of the vintage machines doesn't want to do, I take it to the Pfaff. She'll do it. Lane

  2. IS this machine for sale? If so, how much?

  3. Hi Lesia,
    I sold my Pfaff 7510 in June 2011 for $600 CAD.

  4. I have one forsale pfaff 7510 email me bcmachinerepairs@gmail

  5. I also have a pfaff 7510 for sale as I bought an embroidery machine. I really hate to sell this as this machine has worked WONDERFUL through the years. I am a free-motion quilter and this machine has the best feeding system to do this. Please email me at if interested.

  6. I put a pfaff creative 7550 for sale today July 25th 2014. Awesome machine. The number is (191261369377) if you want to see it.


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