Thursday, July 8, 2010

Aristocrat Handpainted Fine China - made in Japan

October 2012 - Update... I'm interested in replacing the broken pieces of this set.  If you have this china set for sale, please email me at
In spring 1977, I bought Aristocrat 5 ply stainless steel waterless pots and pans for $700 CAD. This fine bone china and a eight place setting of surgical steel flatware were included with the cookware.  I was told during the sales pitch (door-to-door) that the gold paint was 24k gold.  They are not dishwasher or microwave safe.
I had an eight place setting of dinner plates, soup bowls, desert bowls, salad/bread plates, cups, saucers, creamer/sugar set, gravy boat with plate, vegetable bowl and turkey platter. The salesman told me there was a 50 year open stock.  Unfortunately, I do not know when the 50 years ended!  Initially, (life before dishwashers) we used them daily  as they are lovely.  In about six months some of the soup bowls and dinner plates got chipped.  When we bought our first home in 1982, we had an automatic dishwasher.  The Royal Rose was packed away in boxes from 1982 to 1987. In September 1987 we moved into our newly built home in Brandon complete with a built-in china cabinet.  Unpacking the box of china was just like Christmas!  The china was displayed in our dinning room from 1987-2001.  In June 2001, I served a grade 12 graduation dinner for our son Jason on the china.  Shannon (daughter) was amazed we could actually eat off the china as she assumed it was just for display only.
After the grad party in 2001, I tried without success to find replacement pieces on internet. I could not find any information about this particular china pattern at all.  So if anyone reading this blog is able to help me out, that would be fantastic!

The waterless cookware was guaranteed for life and 33 years later we still use it daily.  Awesome pots and pans.. just awesome.
These are difficult to photograph because of the light reflecting off the stainless steel.

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