Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1951 Husqvarna Imperial Class 10 VS made in Sweden

Introducing "Helen" a sweet little Swedish machine with a green kind of crinkle finish.  I went to look at an old portable Singer in a wooden box with a key.   The Singer was not to my taste,  so the vendor offered me this one.

This is a bottom view.

Serial Number C1016591

The bobbin winder.

The throatplate and needle bar.

I am unsure what this part is called...shuttle bar?

This lever controls stitch length and reverse.

This machine required a good cleaning and oiling when I brought it home.  It is very heavy and sews lovely precise straight stitches forward and reverse.

1951 is the year printed in the manual.

Monday, November 2, 2009

1910 Bernard Stoewer treadle manufactured in Germany

I named this machine Bernice. As you can see at 100 years of age she is still quite a looker.  I washed the cabinet with Murphy's oil soap, then applied one coat of Swedish oil as the wood was very dry and starting to crack.
The sewing machine itself had all of her parts but needed some heavy duty cleaning, oiling and a new treadle belt to get her sewing again.  Her gold lion decals are stunning.  The machine sews in reverse when the lever is up and forward when the lever is down. This lever also controls the stitch length.
With a flashlight shinning directly on the black panel on the front of the harp the words "The Phoenix" are legible.  On the back of the harp the faded words "Made in Germany" are printed.
The bobbin has a tiny hole which fits on top of a little nipple in the bobbin winder.
It sews wonderful precise stitches, uses standard needles and low-shank feet.  There were no accessories or manual when I bought it.  The threading path is identical to the Singer 127, the only real difference between the Singer 127 and the Bernard Stoewer "The Phoenix" is the hole in the bobbin and the stitch lever instead of screw which controls the stitch length and reverse (bonus).
The serial number is 1097147.
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