Saturday, March 7, 2015

Shopping Cart Cover for Baby

A new project for me.  I sort of used this tutorial, by the Tip Toe Fairy. The general idea was simple enough but the instructions are not straight forward.  In the tutorial you are to use two squares of fabric approximately 42 by 42 inches. The leg holes are 5 inches, positioned one inch away from the centre. The leg holes are supposed to be cut 14 inches from the front side and 18 inches from the back.  14 + 18 + 5 = 37"  what happens to the other five inches?  I left the extra five inches at the back to ensure the holes for the feet were in the right place. Two yards of elastic around the circumference is way too long. Another tutorial suggested using a laundry basket to size it which is what I did.
 The vintage baby print is 100% cotton.  It was washed and ironed.
 The leg holes are finished with folder over elastic (FOE). 
 Laundry basket fitting for elastic length (60 inches).
 The little blue pouch and yellow toy strap are detachable.
 The webbing ends were melted with heat to prevent fraying.
The webbing is 36 inches long and one inch wide.
The back side is quilted yellow fabric with tiny pink, blue and green teddy bears.
This shopping cart cover is reversible in a pinch, should baby spill something sticky on the front side before mommy is done shopping.
All ready to fold up and give to mommy for baby.
Happy stitching.
She's a very happy shopper!