Saturday, March 27, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Tutu Cute! Baby quilt

This is a photo diary of my current project.

And of course a sewing machine!
I make these little nylon toy bags with a front pocket for story books.  Then I use the bag instead of wrapping paper!
There is quite a bit of quilting left to go. I'm going to stipple the white slashing with white thread.  The green stripes will have a continuous long spirals like the short spirals in pink in the centre using green thread.  The binding will be hot pink nylon like the bag.  For finishing touches I'll put the baby's name...with embroidered hearts on the quilt in contrasting thread on the white slashing.  Enjoy!  Happy Saturday!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Elna Special "Ella"

Ella was manufactured in Switzerland between 1970 and 1972.  This Elna Special is ivory coloured with a soft pink top cover.  She comes in an all metal gray case. 
The front half of the carrying case fits over the free arm to make a flat bed sewing surface.
The manual, accessories and accessory case were included. This is a better pdf of the manual.
At 27.5 pounds or  12.5 kilograms Ella is a very heavy machine, too heavy to be considered portable.  The carrying case is very solid and does an excellent job of protecting the Ella.
It has seven built-in practical stitches including blind hem and a four step button hole.  Stitch width, length and needle position are adjustable.  The machine uses drop in Elna metal bobbins, standard needles and low shank feet. The foot controller has a two speed range.
The manual is well written, with good pictures and easy to follow instructions.  Threading, bobbin winding and loading are simple. 
I have sewn leather/polar fleece booties with velcro and elastic fasteners for my dog as well as polyester grocery and lunch bags with Ella.  I also tested the free motion quilting on a sample and repaired a pair of jeans. The motor runs smoothly and quietly.
She sews beautiful, precise stitches on everything from fine sheer fabrics to heavy denim and leather.  There is a feed dog cover plate and darning foot for free motion quilting. 
I am downsizing my sewing machine collection.  Ella is for sale at Kijiji Brandon.

For more vintage treasures head over to Colorado Lady's blog.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thread stash and the Magic closet!

I love thread, all kinds of thread.
I have so much thread that it is stored in two big drawers, a medium sized drawer, a little sewing machine drawer, a plastic storage box and in the seat of a sewing chair.  Then there are random spools on shelves and sewing machine work stations. 
I also have upholstery thread in dark green, blue, black, brown and beige which I forgot to take a photo of because it is stored in my treadle machine.
I will have to live to be 100 years old to use all this thread up! 
These are some of my ribbons and buttons.  The ribbons are for  baby quilts with tags and  handles on  nylon reusable bags.  I bought the ribbon holder for a stupid price of $22 CAD then I realized free chopsticks work just as well...grrrrrrrrrrrr! Below is a small drawer with safety pins, straight pins, velcro tape, sequence and little plastic rings (knitting row markers).  I knit 100% cotton dishcloths and the occasional wool hat or scarf.
Barb my quilting friend named it the magic closet!
  Yes, that is indeed floor to ceiling fabric!  The overflow is now stored in Shannon's closet.
And more...
This is not all of it!  We are in the process of renovating our basement and Shannon's closet is packed full of furniture, so my baby cottons, Christmas prints and metres of quilting cotton are stashed behind the furniture making it impossible to photograph.

I hope you enjoyed a peak into my world.  What's in your stash?

Looking inside my craft emporium...

My hubby gets all the credit for building this wonderful room.  This was Jason's bedroom, after he grew up and moved out I claimed it!  It is my favourite place in the world.  Thank goodness, the blue carpet will be replaced with laminate or vinyl flooring this year.
The cutting table, iron and ironing board are located just outside my emporium.  I have a small table top ironing board I sometimes use on the cabinet on the left-hand side of Big Bertha.
This little sign really is crooked!