Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1951 Husqvarna Imperial Class 10 VS made in Sweden

Introducing "Helen" a sweet little Swedish machine with a green kind of crinkle finish.  I went to look at an old portable Singer in a wooden box with a key.   The Singer was not to my taste,  so the vendor offered me this one.

This is a bottom view.

Serial Number C1016591

The bobbin winder.

The throatplate and needle bar.

I am unsure what this part is called...shuttle bar?

This lever controls stitch length and reverse.

This machine required a good cleaning and oiling when I brought it home.  It is very heavy and sews lovely precise straight stitches forward and reverse.

1951 is the year printed in the manual.

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  1. I love it. It is so much like my Singer 127 treadle, right down to the shuttle and bobbin (btw, found an ebay vendor with a good deal on the bobbins). Helen looks terrific and I bet she sews like a dream! Lane


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