Thursday, August 19, 2010

Elna Special Manual

I published the manual for this wonderful sewing machine today at google docs.  Unfortunately, when I scanned and converted the paper manual to electronic format the page order got reversed.  It is descending rather than ascending.  Page 30 is actually page 1....ooops!

If you download this file would you please post a comment to let me know if it works?  Enjoy!


  1. Hey, Tammy. Couple of things. Thanks for the link to the lady that sells the 15-91 parts. I've picked several things to order from her and can't wait until they come in. Second, when I did a google search on that machine, guess where the 3rd link was? Back to you! Thanks for all your help. Lane

  2. Tammy,
    Thank you for the Elna Special PDF. My aunt had this machine and had the wrong manual...for the Star De Luxe and Super, which have stitch discs. A basically useless manual for the Special.

    She or whoever first had this machine had sections crossed out that were not pertinent to the Zig Zag/Special machines.

    Did you need to get permission from Elna to upload this to Google? Would I need to do the same for the manual I have. It may help someone else.

    Ann in Washington State

  3. It is my understanding that the Elna Special manual is out of print. I could not find anyone who sells it. There is no publication date or copyright information in the manual. I'm sharing the scanned electronic copy. If Elna contacts me because of a copyright violation I will take it down. Until then it is here free for Elna sewers who need it.

  4. Tammy, do you have a manual for the Stella TSP air electronic? I love your site

  5. Hello Terrill,
    I'm glad you like my blog thanks. :D Sorry I don't have a manual for the Elna Stella. I sold that machine in March 2010 and the paper manual went with it. I do have an pdf copy of the Elna Air Electronic TSP available for free downloading. This model is a larger version of the Stella, the threading maps, dials and operator instructions are almost identical. If you click on the photo of this machine on the right hand side of my blog or search my blog for Elna Air Electronic you will find this manual.

    Elna machines are most excellent. Good luck and happy sewing.

  6. Dear Tammy:

    Thanks so much for the Elna manual. Now I can figure out how to put the machine back in the case!


  7. Thanks you so much for this manual. Someone gave me this sewing machine and i have no idea how to sew. Much appreciated!

  8. Hi there,

    I am hunting a manual for the Elna Special, do you happen to still have a copy??


  9. Hi Rachiebaby,
    If you click on the link "manual" you should be able to download it from google docs. If that doesn't work for you, please provide your email address and I'll send an electronic copy to you.

  10. Thanks so much Tammy. I was left a Special by my mother in law but no instructions and couldn't find them anywhere on the web.

    With your help I can now use it. Thanks so much!

    Anny from Barlow (a tiny village in Derbyshire, UK.)

  11. Thanks so much! You are a lifesaver! My MIL gave me an Elna Special machine but it has no manual OR footpedal. I will really use the manual. Thanks for posting it as I had no idea about some of the features. As to the footpedal, does anyone know the part number for that unit. I will have to order one. Thanks to anyone that can help. Blessings,

  12. Dear Tammy.
    Thank you for publishing this Manual.
    I have this machine and badly need the Manual.
    I have tried to download without any success (says.. file in owners bin).
    How can I download this Manual?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  13. Dear Anonymous,
    I've edited this post to refresh the manual link for downloading. If it still won't work for you, please provide your email address and I'll send you the link that way.

    This is the link address:

  14. Hi Tammy, I was gifted the Special and am so grateful to find the manual. I am a beginner and this machine is just perfect for me. It really is Special! Thanks for publishing the manual!

  15. Hey Tammy
    I just downloaded the manual for the Elna Special...thanks so much for posting this online. I have owned this machine for over 20 years. I bought it in a thrift store way back then for next to nothing. It runs like a dream but I've never been able to figure out how to get the tension right. I was about to sell it and buy a new plastic machine but with these instructions hopefully I will be able to sort it out for good. Thanks so much!!
    Amanda (Sydney, Australia)

  16. Hi Tammy,
    Not used to doing this so not sure if first email made it. I am getting old like my Elna Lotus SP 35 and during my recent move lost my Manual and Bobbins, at least had a bobbin still in Machine !!! Do you have a copy of this Manual as I feel comfort in having one as the Memory isn't as good as it was........???
    Thank you and Blessings
    Elle (Australia)

  17. Tammy,
    Like the previous writer, I am desperately in need of the manual(sewing/servicing) for my Elna Lotus SP35 which I recently acquired. It's a lovely little machine and I am absolutely in love with it. l would like to be able to oil it and keep it in the best working order.

    If you have such a manual that you might share, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much!
    Dottie (USA)

  18. I don't have this exactly same model but I have a Star without a manual. I am desperate and this manual helps me to understand how to do buttonholes. Thank you for sharing.

    Alice (Canada)

  19. Hi there,
    Just found the Elna Special manual pdf that you've very kindly made available!! Thanks so very much, thrilled to finally have a copy (lost mine years ago!). Best wishes :-)

  20. Thank you - I had the wrong manual - this helps so much!

  21. Merci tammy s il vous plaît si tu peux me envoyer le fichier j'ai une machine

  22. Merci tammy s il vous plaît si tu peux me envoyer le fichier j'ai une machine

  23. thank you so much for publishing this manual, this is very sweet of you.

  24. Thank you very much for this upload, which I found extremely useful. I have corrected the page sequence and performed OCR. I have uploaded the corrected file here:

    Please feel free to upload this improved version to your blog.

    Thanks again!

  25. Thank you so much for putting this online and then for switching the pages around.

  26. I am going to say THANK YOU!!! as well. Just got one for Christmas and spent hours today trying to guess. I had looked online for a manual but I couldn't find this model, and other elna's, they all cost $. Just when I was going to break down, I find your spot! No more guessing! You are my hero today! Thanks mucho!2018 is looking amazing!

  27. Thank you so much for posting the Elna Special Manual! I could not find anything anywhere. I recently bought one on line and I just love it! Thank you again!


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