Friday, October 1, 2010

Identifying a Necchi Model Number

I received this email:
"hi  tammy
my name is fabian and i got a problem defining the type of my necchi i bought recently on ebay. it was sold as a necchi lelia 513, but the sign is missing. and all the pictures i can find on the internet showing this type look a bit different, also the machine in your manual does ( thanks a lot for scanning and putting it online :) ). but i found one picture on google showing a machine, looking the same as mine does, except for the color and the desk ( mine is in a box).  could you maybe tell me wether its a type 513 or not? would be a great favour.
i already say thanks a lot and nice greets from germany"

From looking at the photo Fabian included in the email and comparing it to my machine it is a Necchi Lelia 513.  Below are new photos I took today.
 When lifting the front the serial number is revealed.
Hope this helps!  Happy Sewing.


  1. Email response from Fabian
    hello tammy,
    i finally checked the serial number of the machine as you told me. it is 513-0020721. and thanks once more for posting pics and manual and also for your instant reaction. and sorry for letting you wait for my response so long , but i had lots of trouble the recent days.

  2. I just purchased a Lelia 513 and am looking for a manual. Do you by any chance have one that you could email to

  3. Hi Tammy I just got given a Necchi 513 yesterday! How lucky is that? Not tested or checked it out yet. I am going to download the manual, so thanks so much for that.

    If you pop over to my blog you will see that I ran a free class on sewing for 15 ladies. One of them, Julia, came up with this Necchi and a Singer Featherweight 100. A friend of hers was throwing them away. Even if I have to pay to get them repaired I think it will be worth it.

    Can you drop the feed dogs on a Necchi 513? As we are doing some free style stuff if the machine works :-)


  4. I have a Necchi sewing machine starting with a serial number U10. How do I tell what year it was manufactured?


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