Saturday, February 26, 2011

dog booties - the pattern

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As I walk Lily every day, she has a genuine need for dog booties.  English Springer Spaniels are water dogs with webbed toes.  Lily gets ice balls in between her toes which makes it painful to walk when the weather is in the +5 to -10 range and frost bite when it is cold like this.  This is what her current set of booties look like.
 See how worn out the polar fleece is?  This is from her nails.
The materials required are :
  • polar fleece scraps
  • recycled leather from purses or old leather coats
  • elastic scraps 4 - 2" pieces
  • velcro (hook & loop tape) 4 - 1.5" pieces
Sometimes I take the leather off of existing worn out booties and reuse it for a new set.
The polar fleece for Lily's boots is 3.5" wide and 11.5" long.  The leather strips are about  6" long and 2.5" wide.
Centre the leather strips as shown above.  Cut four small rectangles of polar fleece to mount the elastic and loop tape end on.  These rectangles are bigger than then the elastic and velcro.  The excess is trimmed off after it is sewn.
I use upholstery thread, a leather needle and my  Pfaff 7510 to sew them.
Centre the leather on the polar fleece, then top stitch the leather in place.
 I use a 3-step zig zag stitch to do this rather than applique as it makes less holes in the leather.
Sew the scratchy side of the hook and loop tape one inch above the leather patch.  Sandwich half an inch of the elastic between the rectangle of the polar fleece and the soft side of the hook and loop tape.  Stitch the sandwich together.  Trim the excess polar fleece off the elastic tab.
Fold the leather and polar fleece bootie in half.  Then insert the elastic end of the tab in between the front and back of the bootie as shown in photo.  Stitch both sides of bootie shut and it is done.  Repeat process for all four.
Lily modeling her new booties!  Happy Saturday all!  Keep warm.


  1. Lily looks so pleased with her new booties, very chic black and purple!
    What horrible cold weather you get in winter, you're both brave to venture out in it.

  2. Thanks bunches for this great tutorial! We have a dog with an infected paw and the leather on both the top and bottom works to keep him from chewing on it!

  3. Thanks bunches for the pattern and tutorial! We have a dog with an infected paw. The leather over both the top and bottom keeps him from chewing on it. And the bootie stays on very well!

  4. thank you so much for you pattern and tutorial. I have a small pom and she only has one front leg - she gets around fairly well, but ends up on her face a lot.
    I'm going to make her some of these for more stability on the floor - the leather should help her a lot. thank you again!

  5. Thanks for the pattern you used. I have two springers, Sir Doobie and Dodger, and wanted to make them boots. This pattern will really help.

  6. Thank you for the pattern you use for Lily. She is a beauty. I have two Springer Spaniels, Sir Doobie and Dodger, and wanted to make them boots/shoes. This will really help.

  7. I was perusing the net and came across your tutorial for these booties. How are they for staying on Lily's feet?
    I grew up in Brandon, it's a great city!
    Thank you for the tute!

    1. These booties stay on pretty good as long as the fastener is tight enough. The biggest problem with these booties was because I walk her daily she wears them out quickly. A pair won't last a month. I bought these from neopaws and they work much better.


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