Sunday, May 29, 2011

Red Oak Strip Flooring

When we had our house custom built in 1987, we put old fashioned one and three quarter inch wide unfinished red oak strip flooring in our dining room.  At that time, most people were was using vinyls, carpet, cermanic, porcelain and Parkay flooring.  The living room had light brown jute back carpet with thick cushy underlay.
In 2005, we agreed it was time to replace our living room carpet.   So Doug promptly painted all the ceilings and the living room walls because he did not want to paint over new carpet.   Doug prefers carpet because it is quiet, warm and soft.  I wanted the same oak flooring carried through from our dining room into the living room and down the basement stairs.  We were at a stalemate, so nothing was done!
In the past two years most of our neighbours and friends have been replacing carpet flooring with either laminate or pre-finished hardwood flooring.  Two weeks ago we reached a compromise: oak in the living room and carpet flooring in the bedrooms and the den.  In March 2011, our dining room floor was refinished.  The photo below shows where the new floor joins the old floor.  The air nailer  is sitting on the dinning room floor, the new floor is in front of the basement stairs. 
Yesterday the final coat of Varathane was applied to our brand new living room floor!
I think it is absolutely beautiful.  This floor was installed by JRL Flooring in Brandon phone number 204-761-7036.  Thanks tons to Ryan and crew.  Next project the basement stairs.   ~dancing around the room with glee~


  1. It is beautiful!! I love our wood floors but I can tell it is so much colder in our house. It is a whole lot cleaner than carpets though. I think you two made a good compromise.

  2. Beautiful timber flooring. I love hardwood floors. Thanks for showing your reno so we can enjoy it!

  3. Hello Tammy, congratulations! Your new floor is just lovely. I think you have made the right compromise. Oak wood flooring is very popular these days. We housewives love the easy to clean character of the wood floor. I would like to stress that there is no difference between the color character of your old and new flooring. I even examined the high resolution photo.

  4. Nice post guys! Kind of jealous, we haven't got our blog up and running quite. But, we're a vancouver hardwood stair refinishing company.


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