Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alzheimer Touch Quilt #2

In order to make this quilt more interesting to touch and fondle, I added ribbons around the outside squares and appliquéd this little lady bug ribbon on two blocks.
Some of the blocks have lots of texture.
The flower blocks are upholstery fabric which is quite sturdy but frays easily.
I used variegated metallic thread and practiced free motion quilting techniques on most of the blocks.
I really like the way this thread looks on the back. Most of the free motion quilting was done with my Pearl (my Singer 15-91).
Yeah its finished!  Some of the fabric was too thick to quilt,  Hence, the four buttons which again add interest.
This was so much fun, that I went back to the Alzheimer Touch Quilt #1 and added more quilting.
Later this week, these quilts will be delivered to the Manitoba Alzheimer Society.  Now five of my unfinished projects are complete.  There are only two more to go...dare I leave the last two to start something new?   Hmmmm... Halloween is coming up!

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