Thursday, January 12, 2012

free motion quilting - heart shaped leaves

I'm delighted to participate in 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge.  January's teacher is Frances Moore.  First I drew the leaves on about a dozen sheets paper, trying to get them relatively the same size and running in different directions without crossing the lines.
These are the first two sheets.
This is the last sheet.  I put a question mark at the start as in hindsight, I should have started with a complete leaf instead of short piece of stem.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until after I completed the square in my sampler quilt.  When I was done my square I went back to the centre to add one tiny leaf on the starter stem, it is very obvious because of the extra thread.
This is my practice scrap, I tried purple Coats 100% polyester thread 40 wt and white bobbin quilting thread in the bottom.
On the backside there are tiny purple dots from the top side showing through the bottom.  I adjusted the needle tension then I had white dots on the top.  This problem was easily fixed by changing the bobbin thread to the same thread colour as the needle.
This month's square was quilted with my Bernina 930 Record (Helga) using a Schmetz universal 80/12 needle.
I'm mostly happy with the results.  The only thing I don't like is my beginning and end are obvious.  These leaves are fun to quilt.
The sampler quilt is 100% cotton top, the outside border is 100% cotton unbleached muslin and so is the back.  The batting is Warm and Natural 80% cotton and 20% polyester.  This batting is wonderful to quilt with.
I really looking forward to next month's free motion quilting design.  After completing the sampler block I put these leaves on the baby quilt behind the sampler quilt.
Happy quilting all!


  1. I wondered if you were busy in your sewing room and am glad to see you fmq with your 930. Classic machine!!
    Lovely leaves and now you have done them you can alter the leaf shape and use the same curving lines to position other leaves or flowers across the quilt and expand your options even further. Have fun!

  2. I love how your leaves came out. I'm still working on mine. I love the idea of making a quilt out of the practice pieces. I wasn't going to do that until I saw yours! Maybe I will too!

  3. Tammy, I found your blog and am really impressed with your work on the FMQ challenge. Your documenting is great and is giving me some good ideas. Your leaves look wonderful and I really like the sampler quilt you've set up. I plan on doing that too. Thanks for your tips on my blog.

  4. Great leaves! I really like it in the border of the baby quilt.
    Why do you polyester thread?

  5. Thanks Miri. I used polyester thread rather than cotton because I wanted to use the design in the baby quilt border. I think polyester is stronger and the colours won't fade even after repeated washings. I will be fmq some designs in the challenge with cotton threads as well. It will be fun to compare the two in the sampler quilt.

  6. I really like your leaves. I also like how you detailed your progression. This FMQing is so much fun.


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