Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Charity begins in the heart and home.

In Canada, April is cancer awareness month.  I grew my hair long for my kids' weddings in September 2010 and July 2011.  Now that they are both married,  I had 9 inches cut off on March 31, 2012 which was donated to a company that makes wigs for cancer patients.
It takes eight hair donations to make one wig.  This is the new me after the hair cut.
If I only trim it from now until April 2013, I may have enough hair for another pony tail to donate.

I feel a responsibility to donate or give back to my community.  I have also canvassed door-to-door for the Manitoba Alzheimer's Society and the Cancer Society.  I sew and donate Alzheimer touch quilts.  I give my used clothing and household goods to diabetes.  We have a Brandon community website that has a "wishes" section.  I have granted wishes for sewing machines, a web camera and art supplies.  Here on my blog I provide free electronic (out of print) sewing machine manuals, some sewing tips, tutorials and sewing machine information.  I make tea towels and oven mitts which I give away to the local soup kitchen.  We recycle plastics, paper and metals.  We have composted in the past, but it was too smelly for us.  Our used unwanted furniture is donated to a local charity that helps immigrant families get settled in their new Brandon homes.

I would love to read your comments on what you do in your community to support charities or just to lend others a hand up.  I prefer to give a hand up rather than a hand out.  How do you feel about that?


  1. Hi Tammy, You're so right a hand up is usually better than a hand out. Though there have been several times in my life when a hand up to obtain employment, etc. was out of our control, and an anonymous postal money order from 'a friend' was the best way we could help. Though we donate used items to various local charities, St. Vincent dePaul, animal shelter thrift shop, etc., I do love when we are able to help a specific family in some way - sometimes a grocery store gift card, sometimes organizing a group of office mates to help a homeless family with 3 little girls found sleeping under a bridge to navigate the network of social service providers to find housing, gather donations of furniture, bedding, cookware, and school clothes, etc. My very first FMQ quilt was donated to the local senior center for distribution to someone in need. So many ways to help, and so many in need. May God bless your love for others and each of the ways you have found to make each day count!

  2. We do much of the same thing here... unwanted clothes go to charity and I regularly make quilts for Project Linus.

    I'm with you on the composting too..tried that and it was too smelly and seem to breed fruit flies no matter how clean we kept the container.

    Well done on the hair cut!

  3. Hi Tammy! The new haircut looks like your hair must have been really long! Suits you with the shorter cut. What a good use of that hair!
    Here, I donate the family's preloved or unwanted clothing, and household items to a couple of good charities. I make quilts for various Australian and International causes that I feel compelled to assist. Sometimes these are for those serving the country, or for victims of floods, fires or other disasters such as the Tsnunami affected in Japan. My odd shaped fabric scraps get donated to schools where they can be used/ recycled by children in art/ craft activities. We recycle our plastics, cardboard, aluminium and steel cans and like you, have switched to green bags of various kinds in the main part. And there are some charities we choose to support that benefit people and animals, ultimately our planet.
    It feels good to give back, doesn't it?

  4. I'm impressed with your hair donation. It will for sure help someone in need and isn't that the reason we donate useable goods and help others less fortunate. You are truly an Angel!


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