Thursday, May 10, 2012

Leah Day May 2012 FMQ Challenge

On my sample quilt, I divided a 16 by 8 inch rectangle in half.  Then I free motion quilted a large stipple across both sides.
On the left side I quilted a smaller stipple.
The right side was railway ties.  I used  Coats 100% polyester pink trilobal thread for the large stipple.
The smaller stipple and railway ties are with purple Isacord 100% polyester thread.
For this month's challenge I used my Bernina 930 Record sewing machine.
The off white colour is the backside.
This technique certainly gets one to practice making straight lines and following a wiggly line.
I found it difficult to fill the whole space while crossing the original line.
I'm impressed with the stitch quality of the old Bernina 930.
Happy quilting all.


  1. Great practicing! Your railroad ties look much better than mine. I had trouble filling the spaces too. Glad to know I am not the only one.

  2. I still have to do this month's challenge. Your samples look perfect! I'm hoping to give it a try next week possibly.

  3. I love the stitching produced by the Bernina 930, too. Unable to locate Isacord thread in my area, I used Madeira, but I am considering purchasing a set of Isacord thread cones. Would you have any recommendations before I make the purchase?

  4. I don't know how you saw the white on white stitching while you were sewing. It does look nicely.

  5. Tammy, your stitching is great. Good job.

  6. Tammy, yes teh 930 does a beautiful stitch, doesn't it? some of my friends have that model machine, just lovely.
    Great practicing!

  7. I think you definitely mastered the design from the challenge this month. Great job. And your stitch quality certainly looks better than what I can do on my Bernina 730 (a me thing, not due to the machine).


  8. Nice work on the challenge - your stippling looks especially fine. I agree that filling the space was tricky (especially with the railroad ties!).


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