Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nuthin But Trouble or Fun with my Iphone 4S

Véronique's fiancée Scott is the drummer in this local band. Last night (June 15) they played on Georgie's patio.   In hindsight, I should have planned this video out better, when I was walking around to get a better view it isn't very pretty.  The patio has a roof over the band which had big posts in front, making it difficult to get the entire band in the video without moving.

I bought my first cell phone ever in December 2011 and I'm loving the "toy" factor.  Smart phones are tons of fun.  In the future there will be more videos on my blog.

If you post videos on your blog, do you find it takes forever to upload and process with YouTube?
If you don't use YouTube, what do you use?

Véronique and Scott are getting married July 7th in Montréal....only three more weeks!
Have a super duper Saturday all.

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  1. Nice harmonies on that song. Funny enough, my brothers just sang that one for my dad a couple weeks ago and I uploaded the video to YouTube ( It was the first time I'd uploaded since I got a new computer and I couldn't believe how fast it went compared to my older ('07) computer.


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