Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Hairdo - Every second year I cut my hair.

I'm a big fan of recycling and giving back to my community.
 I grow my hair long to donate it to  Evelyn's Wig Sales & Service.
My hair will help children, young adults and women of all ages living with cancer or Alopecia Areata who are having financial difficulties. My last big snip was April 2012.
A most excellent day!  Have a super duper weekend all!


  1. That's great! I love the new 'do' too!

  2. LOVE your new haircut, and LOVE what you did with your long hair!

  3. Tammy, You look stunning with your new haircut. I am happy to know where your hair goes :) I have done the same almost year ago :)

  4. You have beautiful hair. I love the new 'do! It's very flattering.


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