Sunday, February 1, 2015

Clutch two zipper cell phone case.

Much to my great delight, this little case was too small for Karyann's cell phone.  Yippee!! I'm keeping it for me.  Back to the drawing board, Karyann wants a clutch bag big enough for her cell phone, with a separate compartment for her ID and money.  How hard can that be?  Well, of course I have no pattern, the wonderful tutorial I was using really wouldn't work for a clutch case.  So I snooped around the net the only thing that was close was noodle head's snappy manicure wallet.  After modifications, this is the first result:
The outside is PUL, which is used for outside covers on cloth diapers, wet bags, splash pants and raincoats.  It is wonderful soft fabric that is not only waterproof, but also breathable.
The front of the clutch case, snapped closed.
I have learned that PUL has just enough stretch to make it really tricky to get all the seams straight.  Note the orange zipper is slightly crooked.  Grrrrr!!
Front opened up, with orange zipper pouch for identification and money and pink zipper for cell phone.
The seam on the fold line marked with white chalk will stop the money and ID from slipping down to the bottom fold over part of the clutch.
The  fold over at the bottom has a layer of quilting to protect the phone.  
More modifications, to put the money and ID pouch on the outside of the clutch as well as eliminate the bottom 1/3 fold over were made to my non-existent pattern.  I queried my daughter-in-law on fabric choices and zipper colours.
Of course, the thread will be colour coordinated to match the zippers.
 Karyann picked yellow and blue, most excellent choices. 
 Next question with or without zipper tabs?
 No zipper tabs!  Clutch number two:
Front and back closed.
 Clutch opened.
 Zipper side of money pouch lined with light blue nylon.
Both of these clutch bags will be given to Karyann. Sometime in the future there will be a tutorial complete with pattern for clutch number three, four or five. These zippered cases are quick and fun to make. There's a ton of immediate gratification to finishing a project the same day it was started.  
Happy stitching. 

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