Friday, May 1, 2015

Peasant Blouses - for Shannon

My daughter asked me to make her these blouses as the elastic neckline is ideal for nursing her baby girl.  I sent her photos of fabric and she picked these three.  She wanted them longer in the body than the pattern.  I didn't buy fabric for her blouses, these fabrics were in my stash, some were used in previous projects and some were an excellent price so I bought the fabric with no idea what they would turn into.  All three fabrics are 100% cotton.
Dorothy Dressform is the model. She looks smashing in these vivid colours.  There wasn't enough fabric to add the length in the body, so I added strip of fabric at the bottom.
 The orange one has an elastic waist to give the shirt more shape. 
The tie-dyed batik was too small for longer sleeves.  I toyed with the idea of making the sleeves from another fabric but decided it would look weird.
 Back view.
The purple and green fabric in the background on the washer and dryer is 100% chenille
I plan to make small blankets with lots of ribbons for babies to fondle.
Happy stitching!

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