Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tee shirt quilt for Lindsay - queen size

Lindsay, a young lady who played volleyball in high school and university faithfully saved all her tournament tee shirts for a quilt. She had a total of 29 shirts. Her mother-in-law Mary Ellen hired me to make it for Christmas 2015. Mary Ellen contributed 15 hours of labour on Lindsay's quilt, she helped with cutting, ironing and some piecing. Her work was a labour of love as she does not quilt or sew.

Lindsay's quilt was designed with Electric Quilt 7
Of the 29 tee shirts there were four red, ten white, seven black, three grey, one green, brown, yellow, pink, and maroon.  The blue square represents the embroidery block.
There are 30 -12.5 inch blocks.  
 Finished quilt displayed on my king size bed.
The maroon sashing and outside grey border were free motion quilted with heart shaped leaves. Blank spaces on the tee shirt blocks were free motion quilted with a volleyball.
I used polyester embroidery thread because it shines, giving the quilt a rich look.
 The quilt batting is warm and natural cotton.
The back side is a 100% cotton flannel queen size sheet.
The grey outside border and binding are polyester.  
To make the volley ball I traced a volley ball onto toile in an embroidery hoop, the same stuff used in tutus and brides' veils. I positioned the patten on the tee shirt block and drew it on threw the toile.  I used a purple fade away marker on the light tee shirts and a white chalk pen on the dark blocks.  This stencil technique was curtesy of Don Linn in the 2012 free motion quilting challenge.
After the quilt was finished there was a small surprise for Mary Ellen.
 Gift wrapping!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Lindsay, Mary Ellen and family.


  1. Hi Tammy. Just browsing your blog and this quilt is absolutely amazing. I love everything about it! Do you have a machine that does those leaves for you? Or is that all done by hand? (With a machine, I know, but do you "draw" that, or do you have a machine that somehow does the pattern for you?) Either way, what an amazing quilt. I bet she cried when she got it. Cheryl.

    1. oh thank you.. I quilt those heart shaped leaves free hand.. it is like drawing with a sewing machine. When I started with a pencil and paper my early versions were not very good, but with more practice they are very easy to stitch now. I learned how to free motion quilt when I took the 2012 free motion quilting challenge on line. If you search my blog in 2012 you will find 12 different designs a new one every month.


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