Saturday, September 24, 2016

Adult colouring completed sheets - mermaids, owl, chameleon, butterflies and more.

This is my current favourite creative activity.  I started out with free pages from the internet, pencil crayons, markers and gel pens on hand from quilting and my kids' school days.  Very quickly I advanced to buying and trying several kinds of markers, pencil crayons, erasers, colouring books and a sketchpad.  There are lots of wonderful artists who review and provide free tips.  It was easy to find information on colouring supplies and free colouring pages.
I love angels.
The smear on the left side middle row of cupcakes is what happens when attempting to erase a pencil mark with an eraser that wasn't cleaned after blending.
The green chameleon was done using mostly Bic markers and only three colours.
Backgrounds are challenging.
These pictures were coloured with a combination of Papermate InkJoy Gel pens, Casemate pens, Uniball, Bic fine line Markers, CrazArt, Staedtler, Laurentien, Hilroy, Prisma Verithin and Prisma Scholar pencil crayons. 
Laurentien pencil crayons were bought out by Sanford who discontinued the line in 2012.  This company makes Prisma coloured pencils.  Compared to other hobbies, colouring is very affordable.
Dear readers, have you tried adult colouring?

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