Saturday, February 17, 2018

Serena's first birthday quilt.

Surprise!  yes I'm still here, just not blogging as much as previous years, since I retired my time is at a premium.  My granddaughter Serena Rose will be one year old in March.   The overall size of Serena's quilt is 47 by 59 inches.  The photos were taken on our king size bed. 
 This is a care bear pattern designed with Electric Quilt 7.
The top is 100% cotton, the ribbons are polyester, the batting is warm and natural 100% cotton and the backing is pieced flannel.
Free motion quilted with sunshine, heart shaped leaves and butterflies.  The circles of the sunshines were marked with a Clover blue chalk marking pen for quilting.
Unfortunately, the blue markings were very difficult to remove.  After three washes, twice spraying  with Shout prewash stain remover, then scrubbing with a toothbrush.. I can still see trace amounts of blue chalk.   Thank God I only marked the circles.
 I love the way the circles of the suns popped up after washing.
 Backside views.
After some embroidery fun, Serena's quilt is finished. 
 Every toddler needs a sleeping worm.
If you look closely you can see my initials and year (ted 2018) in matching thread under Serena's name in the pink flowered border.   This quilt was a labour of love.  Happy stitching!

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