Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jason's Vegetable Quilt

My son & his fiancée are vegetarians.  I found this fabulous 100% cotton fabric to make them a quilt.  The only issue was the pattern is very big.

I used big blocks to display the veggies, I was trying to get the produce box look you see in grocery stores. Then I ran out of vegetable fabric and could not get any more.  So I added the border chocolate brown into some of the blocks to finish the top.

I machine quilted it completely with my Pfaff QE 4 (Big Bertha).  I used several fancy quilting stitches with the idt.  Notice the green ants in the photo.  My son's quilt has bed bugs.


  1. Hi where can I buy this fabric. thanks Emma

    1. Hi Emma, I bought it at Fabricland in Canada. Hope this helps.


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