Saturday, March 27, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Tutu Cute! Baby quilt

This is a photo diary of my current project.

And of course a sewing machine!
I make these little nylon toy bags with a front pocket for story books.  Then I use the bag instead of wrapping paper!
There is quite a bit of quilting left to go. I'm going to stipple the white slashing with white thread.  The green stripes will have a continuous long spirals like the short spirals in pink in the centre using green thread.  The binding will be hot pink nylon like the bag.  For finishing touches I'll put the baby's name...with embroidered hearts on the quilt in contrasting thread on the white slashing.  Enjoy!  Happy Saturday!


  1. geez your good i love your blog and family have a good saturday

  2. What a cute project! I love the detailing of the tabs and the matching bag is adorable!


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