Wednesday, March 3, 2010

snow, frost...beautiful Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Can you find the vintage item in one of these pictures?
All of these photos were taken in the morning on  March 3rd, while it was cloudy, once the sun came out the frost cover on the trees melted. 
This is the outdoor firebox in our backyard.
View from my deck.
Enjoy as spring is just around the corner!  
Please check out Colorado Lady's blog for more vintage treasures!


  1. Just Beatiful Tammy, your house looks like a gingerbread house from a fairy tale.

  2. Looks like the water pump to me. Gosh, I've used one many a time!
    My oh my...I do love that sewing machine in your photo header...WOW!

  3. Beautiful snow scene, but I am looking forward to warmer days. I think it is the old pump.

  4. Great snow pictures, it looks so cold!! If that pump has any water and it is in working's frozen by now!!! Have a great VTT!

  5. OMG -- you have to come see my vintage Manitoba centennial plate at my blog!

    You are now the only official person that I "know" in Manitoba! Happy VTT -- and it's beautiful there!

  6. the pictures are beautiful and tranquil. does the water pump still work?

    thanks for sharing!

    -brightest blessings-

  7. Beautiful pictures! We used to have fun pumping our neighbor's when we were little kids.


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