Sunday, April 10, 2011

I miss sewing!

I'm sorry there is no sewing machine or sewing project to blog about.  At the moment, my husband is finishing up the laundry/winemaking area of  our basement.  Wine kits, bottles, carboys, Vino electric filter and corker are being stored under, on and around my cutting table.  The laundry room curtain is sitting on the ironing board while Doug has been busy drywalling, priming and painting the walls.  After that he has to install approximately 200 square feet of Allure vinyl flooring   Then we have put everything back.  As Doug works on the road most weeks, he has been working weekends only on this since the middle of February.  I miss sewing and puttering around in my craft emporium.  Hopefully, we will be back to normal by the end of April.

While the basement has been out of order, I took an on-line French course with 16 tutored hours from a school in Montréal.  My oral exam was on March 31, I passed the first module with a 90%.  There are 16 modules in the course and I am hoping to take a few more this year.  Learning French is a ton of work and quite challenging. 

I have also been busy with some details for our daughter's wedding.  I got my shoes, they are moonstone leather naturalizers.  Last weekend I printed, stuffed, stamped, labelled and mailed the invitations.  Shannon's wedding dress is hanging in her closet all ready for the big day.  This week I was shopping for my dress.  I bought two dresses from David's Bridal one is metallic marine blue and the other is Victorian Lilac.  Both dresses were a steal of a deal in the clearance outlet.  I plan to shorten them.

Once my craft emporium is useable again I'm going invest in a dressmakers form and start sewing more garments. First project is sewing a corset for Shannon's wedding gown.  I have the pattern, fabric and notions, just need her measurements and we are good to go.

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  1. Hi Tammy, poor you, cannot you drag a sm to another area of the house to sew temporarily?
    It sounds like you have been making progress on the wedding and your shoes are gorgeous, such a neutral colour will suit many garments.
    I look forward to seeing your garments in future :)


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