Thursday, July 28, 2011

Antique Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table

Yesterday, I purchased this table in Brandon from a lady who bought it used shortly after she was married 61 years ago.  The original finish is in excellent condition.
I'm posting close-up photos of the table top hoping someone in blog land can positively identify the wood.  It could be oak, mahogany, maple or walnut. 
When the table is smallest two leaves form the top, the third leaf is folded in half and cleverly hidden inside.
 The table is 36" by 62" when fully expanded.
There are no manufacturer's labels or any writing anywhere on it.  I wonder how old it is?  Who built it?  Where it was made? What kind of wood is it?  This is a bit of a mystery table.  Any information or comments are always welcome.
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  1. I think dropleaf tables like this one are so full of charm and so versatile can use it in a small space as well as a large one...use it for a romantic dinner for two or to seat a's a win win in my book...I love it :)

  2. I am not a judge of wood, but one thing for sure you found a treasure.

  3. Oh my, she kept this is pristine condition!! What a wonderful table, you are very fortunate to find it. My hubby thinks it might be cherry but he's not sure.

  4. What a beautiful table! Think she had it used for 61 years and it is in such great shape!

  5. I have a mahogany drop leaf in my sewing room. It sits at the back of my sewing machine cabinet. When I'm working on a full size quilt, I fold it out and have a huge sewing surface. We have another in the dining room. I love them. Fold them down and push them against the wall and you have all kinds of open dining room space. Lane

  6. Cool! I'm glad you found a new table to replace the one your daughter left home with :)

    I love this design with the middle leaf stored inside the table, and the legs are gorgeous!

  7. Tammy, that's a beautiful table, whatever the timber. Lovely legs and beautiful grain in the wood. What a find!!

  8. I love drop leaf tables... someday I'll have one in my dining room with about 3-leaves...

    when I first looked at your table I thought... "walnut"... but I really have no idea!

    thanks for stopping by French Lique... polishing silver.. therapy for the non-seamstress...

  9. That table will come in super handy with all it's neat features! Love the finish!

  10. Wood mystery is solved. A furniture re-finisher told me it is solid walnut.

  11. lots of times all of the table components will be a diff wood than the top. over time ALL wood darkens. hyour picture of the wood only looks more like cherry but could be aged or stained Maple. most guys would have to see the table in person to make pos. ID
    Mighty nice table !!!

  12. I have the exact same table that a friend gave me from her garage sale! Mine is not in the same shape as yours but it is a great winter project for me! Did you find anyone to identify the maker or age? I am so excited to find another one. I am missing one end piece which I will have to make one myself, but I will not be getting rid of this anythime soon! Please email me if you have anymore information.


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