Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby's day care bag

I've been sewing reuseable nylon shopping bags, lunch bags and little book/knitting/fruit/toy bags for over twenty years.  I first started making them when grocery stores switched from paper to plastic bags.  I found that the plastic bags fell apart in transit between the grocery store, parking lot, my car and kitchen. My dear friend Evelyn asked me to sew a nylon bag for her grand-daughter to haul back and forth to daycare.  Evelyn gave me a bag which is exact size she wants.  I don't have a pattern for that size so I improvised.  The size of the bag is correct, the fit on the bottom is not perfect, but certainly functional.
This is Pearl my 1940 Singer 15-91 straight stitch sewing machine in a 1914 Singer drawing room cabinet.
The pocket is 100% cotton with 100% cotton batting.  I free-motioned quilted it using Pearl. The feed-dogs are dropped by turning a screw under neath the machine.  The folded ribbons are basted on before finishing the edges.
Pearl sews an excellent precise stitch!  I really, really enjoy top stitching with this machine.  I have walking foot for it, which I rarely use because it feeds so well.
I folded the fabric over to show how lovely the underside stitches are.  The only grief I have with sewing on Pearl is operator error.  The machine sews in reverse when the lever is pushed up, sometimes I forget to push the lever back down for forward stitching so I end up starting a seam in reverse!  Oooops!  I did all the straight stitching on Pearl.
The zig zag stitching on the handles and the embroidery were done on Big Bertha my Pfaff QE 4.
It finished!  Yippee ~ dancing around the room with glee!


  1. Good to see you back sewing after all the wedding activity! How great your daughter wants to sew, and that you could set her up with equipment to get started.

  2. Yes, it is great to back sewing. I've missed it.

  3. Tammy, I am a Canuck, but my parents moved me to the USA 30 + years ago. My cup runneth over with 3 kids I adore. Your daughter is beautiful, mine are still young.

    I would really be interested in hearing what machine you love the best since you sold your favorite a while back. I have some of the same machines you do including a supermatic, a couple of necchis I couldn't resist b/c they were so cheap (my BU was $10) and I have really been wanting a Viking 7570 but they don't pop up in my area. I have a 15-91 and nothing does a rolled hem better - nothing. I LOVE my 15-91 for topstitching too. I haven't tried my supermatic out too much yet. I also have an Elna Lotus which runs very smoothly. Do you like the supermatic better than the Domestic? Or the Viking better than the Domestic? Hmmm. ~Page

    1. I replied to this comment in great detail via email. Short answer: The Husqvarna 555 Lily is the favourite sewing machine I currently own.


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