Saturday, October 15, 2011

Denim thread, needles and fabric - tension issues grrrrrrrr!!

A while back I needed to  hem a pair a denim jeans.  I decided to use my Singer 15-91 (Pearl).  However, the tension was giving me major grief.  So much so, that I went through an entire bobbin of denim thread trying to get the tension right.  Then I gave up and switched sewing machines to hem the pants.  As soon as I changed the denim thread back to regular polyester thread Pearl was sewing perfect stitches top and bottom again.

This afternoon I took a scrap of denim put pale yellow denim thread in the top and bright orange denim thread in the bobbin.  I used a universal Schmetz needle, then threaded up the Singer 15-91 to give it another try.  The first thing I noticed was the orange denim thread was very tight in the bobbin casing so I loosened the bobbin casing screw to lower the tension on the bobbin thread. The top tension was set at 4, then I adjusted it to 3 and 3.5.
There was no visible difference on the top side between the three different tension settings.  All three seams are strong and will hold.
On the reverse or bottom side the stitches all look good, but I like the 3.5 tension line is the best.
This time it only took three lines of sewing to set the thread tension.
One of the things I love about sewing is that it teaches me patience.  Sewing like everything else is a skill that requires practice to master.  Hope this post was helpful. 

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  1. It was helpful to someone who doesn't know how to sew and is afraid to make mistakes. I always think only beginners make them and get frustrated. Thank for sharing about your experience.


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