Saturday, October 22, 2011

winter dog booties for Lily

I've been sewing Lily winter booties for the past five winters out of polar fleece, leather, Velcro and elastic.  The problem with the homemade ones, is that the polar fleece wears out too quickly.  Lily is walked every day and my booties last her about four weeks with repairs.  After a great deal of research on the net, I found neopaws a Canadian company in Ontario that manufactures these wonderful boots for dogs.  The bottom is like a running shoe and the top is made of neoprene held together with Velcro fasteners. 
Lily was so busy running around in her new winter dog shoes, that getting a good photo was difficult.
 For one instant she was actually standing still and if dogs can smile, I think she is indeed smiling. 
We went for our usual four kilometre walk.  The shoes stayed on and I think she likes them.


  1. Lily should be very stylish in those. I would look for something similar for George but I don't think he would stand for it.

    But I am really wanted to ask about your Berninas. Very strange guy here, crazy about sewing machines. And I was thinking about adding a Nova 900 that I saw to my little clutch of machines, when low and behold I notice your comment about preferring the more substantial 930 Record. Of course it is a much more complicated and capable machine. (And more expensive! Ha)

    But I was wondering, other than the fact that it only has a relatively few stitches, are there any other drawbacks to the Nova 900 that make you prefer the big 930?

    Excuse me, I could talk machines all day!

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Ben, Like you I adore vintage sewing machines. Currently own 8 of them including two treadles. The Bernina 930 machine is much heavier, it runs smoother and quieter than the Nova 900. Mostly I didn't like the little circular air foot control. It was challenging to get a consistent speed it seemed it was sewing too fast or too slowly. The Nova 900 was cute but I found her to be noisy. The stitch quality was the same as Bernina 930. I love my Bernina 930, the best thing about it is that she is very user friendly. Many of my machines sew a wonderful precise stitch like the 930 but more effort on my part is required. The 930 is designed so well, winding a bobbin, cleaning the bobbin area out, switching from zig zag to straight stitch.. etc.. all easier on the 930. Hope this helps. Happy stitching.


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