Saturday, March 3, 2012

Husqvarna 6570 Accessories & thick fabric

Ruby my Husqvarna 6570 was up for sale.  I received this email:
I'm seriously interested in this sewing machine. Can you tell me what accessories it comes with and the amps?I'd like it to be capable of sewing through several layers of canvas and denim. Is it double needle capable?
Thank you
Sorry, the motor is internal and I do not know if the size is written on it.  These are the accessories that come with it:
There are two darning feet because I bought an opening toe one for free motion quilting.
Also included are 14 bobbins, one twin needle. six Schmetz universal needles in three different sizes and three Inspira needles.
Eight cams with stand. The cams are used to make fancy decorative and stretch stitches.
I bought the manual on-line as a pdf, then printed it off.  It is in a binder with page protectors.
Yes it is capable of sewing with twin needles.
This is not an industrial sewing machine.  For a domestic sewing machine the Husqvarna 6570 has excellent piercing power.  Certainly it will handle some heavy duty sewing, but I wouldn't sew thick fabrics all day long every day as this machine was not designed to be used that way.  Now for the fun part, just how many layers of denim can Ruby sew through?
This is heavy duty denim thread. I used it in the needle (Schmetz 90/14 Jeans) and the bobbin.
Drum roll please......
Six for sure, because I did it! Maybe seven or eight, but it would be difficult to get that many layers under the presser foot.  I'm holding the sample up to show the stitches on the bottom side.
These are the stitches on the top side.  Ruby had no trouble sewing through them.
I don't have any canvas, so I used garment leather from an old motorcycle jacket.
This is four layers of leather using the same denim needle and denim thread.  Normally when I sew leather I use a leather needle and upholstery thread because I think it is stronger than denim thread and not as thick.
Again this Husqvarna sewed through the layers without any difficulty.
I'm holding the backside up to show the bottom stitches.
If anyone reading this knows the size of the motor would you please comment or email me?  Happy sewing all.

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