Tuesday, August 28, 2012

free motion quilting - harp size

This is a Pfaff Creative 2, which has a good 9.5 inches of space from the inside of the harp to the needle.  It is easy to quilt a queen size quilt with it.
This is a Bernina 930 Record which has 7.5 inches of harp space. The Bernina is wonderful for free motion quilting, but the smaller harp size makes quilting large quilts difficult.
This is a Singer 15-91 it has only 7 inches of harp space, but the shape of the harp is narrow so there is more room to pile fabric under the harp.
Size matters, especially when quilting a large quilt.  What kind of sewing machine do you use for quilting?


  1. Tammy, I use my Bernina Aurora 440 or 820 for quilting. I have quilted Queen size and larger in the 440 without too much trouble using a easily compressible batting made of wool.
    The 820 has 12 inches of space from the needle to the inside of the harp and its bliss, it means you aren't rearranging the quilt so often-so its more energy efficient and faster, because you can quilt for longer before having to move the quilt around, and there is more room to play with how the quilt is stuffed and fluffed into the harp.

  2. I love your cabinet below....infact, I am drooling.

    I have a Janome Horizon and it is great for doing large quilts.

  3. I have a Kenmore with only 6 inches of harp space. I plan to try running a queen sized quilt through it in the very near future. So far I am optimistic about the outcome... we'll see how it goes.


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