Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dill Pickles Lacto Fermentation recipe

Alice Andrusek was my great aunt, my sincere thanks to Rick Andrusek (her son) for sharing this recipe. 
I added super chilli peppers and raw carrots.   They will be ready to sample in five days!
Dill Pickles  (Alice Andrusek) 
These Pickles are made by the process of Lacto Fermentation
Recipe for 1 Quart sealer
Put a fresh Dill seed head and some Garlic in bottom of a
clean 1 Quart sealer
Add ½ teaspoon of pickling spice if desired
Remove 1/4"of the blossom end (opposite the stem end) before putting Cucumbers in sealers.
Pack Cucumbers in sealer and put more Dill and Garlic on top
(Note:  Cucumbers may be cut if necessary to fit into sealer)
Add to sealer:
            1 tablespoon pickling salt
            1 tablespoon granulated sugar
            1 tablespoon white vinegar
Fill sealer completely with cold water, and tighten lid, being careful that rim of sealer is clean. 
Turn over and shake until salt and sugar have dissolved.
Put sealers in a room temperature location such as the kitchen counter, out of direct sun.  Place the sealers on a tray or a towel in case they leak.  It’s normal for the brine to turn cloudy during the fermentation process.
Pickles will be ready to eat (mild stage) in about 4-5 days. 

Open sealers carefully in the sink, or in a large bowl.
  The brine becomes very fizzy (almost like it’s carbonated) because of the fermentation process, and may ‘gush’ out of the sealer when it’s opened.  If there is no fizz at all and/or the brine has not turned cloudy, suspect something may have not worked quite right…but the pickles may still be just fine.

Refrigerate after opening.
Unopened sealers can be stored in a cool, dark place for several months, and pickles get even better if allowed to get stronger. 
Double quantities for ½ gallon or quadruple for a gallon sealer.
My doorbell just rang!  It was my dear friend Barb with two gallons of freshly picked cucumbers!  Yippee!!  More pickles.

Dear readers, do you have a favourite pickle recipe?  Have you pickled chilli peppers?  If yes, please share with me.  I'm kind of worried the chilli peppers may make the dill pickles too hot.

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