Monday, October 22, 2012

October FMQ Challenge - stitch your name

Well this month's quilting expert is Teri Lucas.  She provided a very interesting challenge, stitch your own name in the block then fill the block in using a variety of fillers and threads.  Teri suggested satin fabric.  However, my free motion sample quilt is all cotton so that is what I used.  I practiced on paper first, those nautilus shells were difficult to master.  I also made a practice sandwich using my daughter's name.
 My block ready for quilting.
I marked my name with a Sewline ceramic pencil.
Schmetz 90/14 embroidery needle.
100% polyester thread.
Every time I change threads, I sew a few stitches on a scrap to ensure the machine is sewing properly.  With this challenge I changed threads many times.
The pink lightning bolt is 100% polyester triolobal embroidery thread.
The variegated thread is 100% polyester serger thread.

The green grid board is 100% polyester serger thread.
The light green leaves are 100% cotton Guitermann quilting thread.
The nautilus shells are 100% cotton denim thread.

The pink pebbles are 100% polyester embroidery thread by Marathon threads in Winnipeg.
At first I found these shells quite unruly to stitch out, after practicing a few times they went from unruly to fun.
  Yippee!  My block is finished!  ~dancing around the room with glee~
Back side view.  Thread colour selection was limited because vivid yellows, oranges and reds would clash with the pink fabric.
As the back is unbleached cotton any thread colour looks great, except beige which is hard to see.
I went to a huge craft sale on October 20th and bought a new tea pot for the sewing room.  What do you think of it?


  1. Great challenge block! Love that teapot too, just our style. Now I really need to get busy and get some of my challenges done, further and further behind every month it seems. Happy quilting!

  2. Nice work Tammy! I really like the way you outlined your name - and you have cracked the nautilus shells well!! And what a fun back!

  3. Nice work Tammy and your shells look super. I do like your teapot. Is it antique? It's beautiful.

  4. Thanks for your wonderful comments on my free motion quilting. the pottery teapot was made by Marlene Dyck from Altona Manitoba.

  5. I loove the teapot! of course I love your stitching too, it is a fun challenge really. they told us to go and play, ha!
    Cathy at thehappygreenfrog


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