Sunday, May 26, 2013

More dog beds.

The grand-dogs Penny and Veto need new beds, someone (we won't mention her name) has taken to chewing dogs' and Shannon's bed when she is unsupervised and bored.
Most of the sewing was done on the Bernina Record.  All the seams were serged.
Their kennels are 30" by 40", the beds are about 35" by 45" to allow for lots of stuffing, and repairing easily if the edges or corners get chewed.
On this upholstery fabric, it is difficult to see the invisible zipper.
The denim one was pieced, a great opportunity to practice top stitching.
The light blue is recycled jeans, the striped blue is scrap left over from the first bed I made for Penny.
My Pfaff Creative 2 stitched the top stitching.  The finer line was sewn with the Bernina when I put the zipper in. 
One of my goals is to not buy new fabric for projects until a large portion of my stash is used up.  All fabric, zippers and thread for these two beds came out of my magic closet.  This was a quick and fun project.
Off to the post office to mail these.

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