Sunday, June 2, 2013

American Home Japanese Clone - Pretty in Pink

My sincere thanks to Aaron Waldner for all the before photos.  Meet Pinky before: 
She is a straight stitch sewing machine with a knee bar rather than a foot pedal.
In spring 2012, I bought it locally from a university student for $30 in an old worn cabinet.
The motor was an ugly blue and the pink paint was not in pristine good condition.
Last year I had a custom cabinet made for my Pfaff Creative 2, it was built by Green Acres Builders in Wawanesa Manitoba.  The desktop cover over the machine shelf was painted breast cancer pink. 
Green Acres is a Hutterite colony, where they also manufacture vehicles such as fire trucks.  My sewing machine was primed and repainted with automotive paint. This paint job was $70.  Green Acres Builders had Pinky in their shop from August 2012 until May 2013 as she was not a priority.  When I hired Aaron to repaint it, he said he didn't understand why I wanted a pink machine.  But before he delivered it back to me he showed it to the ladies in the colony and they all wanted it simply because it was pink.  After:
 Then I bought a used cabinet for her.
 The tension spring is also pink.  Pretty cool eh?
The hand wheel and bobbin winder were not repainted.  I have decided to leave them as is.
Pinky sews a lovely straight stitch and her feed dogs can be lowered for free motion quilting.
A pink sewing machine was a must have for my vintage sewing machine collection.  These Japanese clones are plentiful and inexpensive.  Pinky is all metal, very heavy and strong.   With the new paint job and better cabinet she'll be loved and enjoyed in my craft emporium for years.  ~dancing around the room with glee~
Dear Readers, What are your thoughts are painting vintage sewing machines?  Have you ever had one custom painted?


  1. She is so cute! I think I'd be afraid to paint a sewing machine in case some got into the machinery, but I love the idea of a real professional automotive paint job!

  2. I love the bright pink.
    There are machines on which I'd have a lot of concerns with a repaint job. However, I think it's wonderful that this Japanese clone is now this color! She's very pretty, and I hope she does her jobs very well!

  3. Tammy, she is so pretty in her new dress! Don't know that I could have been brave enough to send her out to the beauty parlor!

  4. Isn't she sweet...I love the new colour!!

  5. Tammy, she's so fun!
    I have had a featherweight refurbished and repainted. They are originally quite beaten up and given a complete new lease on life again. I chose Cranberry Cocktail colour on a 221, from Desk Dave's featherweights, it was a birthday present from Hubby's side of the family for a significant birthday (well they contributed, he paid the rest and had it shipped)
    I just love it!

  6. Hi Tammy, I have an American home 575, pretty pink, do you know anything about it, how to thread it, or where I can get a manual


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