Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Baby snoopy quilt is finished.

Yippee! ~dancing around the room with glee.  I quilted it with designs from Sew Cal Gal's 2012 Free Motion Quilting project.
Trimmed off the excess backing and batting. Then made and attached the binding.
For binding, I follow Dara's method from Sew Snuggly quilts.
Of course, I've made a few changes to her tutorial.  I sew the binding on the backside first.
Rather than hand sewing the binding in place, I machine sew a three stitch zig-zag on the front side.
Next baby's name was embroidered on.
 My initials and the year.
Outside for a photo shoot.  It was very sunny, I did not use the cir-polarizing filter, so the colours of the quilt are wee bit overexposed.
 Ooops, the green ceramic pencil markings still need to be removed.
Now, I'm off to make a matching toy bag to pack the quilt in before mailing it Toronto.  Happy quilting all.


  1. It's beautiful!! My kiddos are lucky to have such a talented & thoughtful great auntie! (I assume this is for my baby, not another baby Errol in Toronto... :)

    1. Hi Larisa, Of course this quilt is for your son. I hope to have it mailed by this Friday. Doug and I are both looking forward to seeing you all and meeting Errol at Bryon's wedding.

  2. What a lovely finish! It is wonderful.


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