Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby Snoopy Quilt - Progress report

Monday afternoon was spent cutting.
Check out my new ironing board cover.  It is very smooth. Yesterday I was busy piecing and ironing.  I don't really enjoy ironing so it seems odd that quilting is a hobby I do purely for pleasure.
These four patches are 2" by 2" finished size.
On Tuesday afternoon, the centre blocks and inside slashing were finished.
Today the inside border and ribbons were added.
Little kids love to fiddle with tags, so I put lots of ribbons on the inside border.
The ribbons are randomly cut, spaced and pinned in place, then machine basted before adding the outside border.
The outside border seam that holds the ribbons was serged after sewing, followed with zig zag top stitching through the seam allowance. This is done to reinforce the seam so that no amount of pulling on the ribbons will open the seam.
 This quilt top is finished.
It is only 2:40 pm now, I probably have enough time left today to make the backing and put the quilt together.  Being retired is really working out swell. 
Happy stitching!

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  1. This is really cute. I absolutely lobe the ribbon idea!


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