Monday, August 12, 2013

Designer Shopping Bags - wedding gifts

I've been sewing reusable nylon and polyester shopping bags for years. This is a stack of ten is ready for cutting.
The ones made now are enhanced with embroidery designs.
This flower was stitched on sideways, it should have been rotated 45 degrees to the left.
 Save the planet!
Machine embroidery video.
For reasons I can't explain, there was a tiny bit of thread looping on the final colour.  I'm sewing another twelve or more of these bags, so hopefully this issue will be resolved shortly.  I tried putting a piece of cotton fabric along the thread path between the spool and the machine, which was supposed to create a little bit more drag.  This was suggested in pattern review, it did not make any difference.  I am using a plastic thread net on the thread and feeding the thread vertically.  Any ideas on how to fix this problem would be welcome.
I do like the finished product.
Our nephew's wedding was in Barrhead, Alberta on August 10, 2013, below is their wedding gifts!
Four grocery shopping bags, six tea towels, five red chicken napkins, four knitted dish cloths, four pottery bowls and a cheque.  I made everything except the pottery.  My homemade gifts are made with tender, loving care.  You just can't buy that in a store.
The wedding was most excellent, we had a blast. 
The happy couple.

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  1. Hi Tammy,
    Great laundry bags, the only things I can think is whether the needle is becoming blunt by the time it sews the 12th part of the embroidery design, especially if it is over the top. Maybe the thickness and a duller needle is causing the looping?
    Have you tried that thread feeding off a thread stand rather than the machine itself and seen whether that makes a difference?


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