Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hibiscus after the rain.

On Thursday morning August 29 the sun came out after the rain, I took these photos with my iphone 4s.
This hibiscus bush is a houseplant.  My poor plant was infested with spider mites.  After trying unsuccessfully to treat it in the house with dish soap and water.  I put it outside in late June, beside our Saskatoon bushes, where it grew back all its lovely, shiny green leaves and starting blooming again.
Then we had a couple of very cold nights in early August, so my plant was put it in the garage overnight.  The last time it was returned to the backyard in a flower bed instead of by the Saskatoons.  On August 26, I noticed the leaves were turning yellow and falling off again. 
Oh dear there are spider mites in that flower bed.  This time, I bought insecticidal soap, sprayed the plant , then relocated it in front of our deck.  In September, I hope this hibiscus will back in our dinning room and spide mite free.
 These photos were taken inside on June 2, 2013.
 These wonderful blooms only last twenty-four hours.
 A wee bit of Hawaii living in the house!
My double bloom hibiscus in our master bedroom had this bloom on it today.