Friday, December 13, 2013

Secret Santa Presents arrived!! - Yippee

  I picked up the parcel yesterday.
A plain brown envelope from my Secret Santa.  Much to my delight there were four presents!  Not one or two.. count them.. four presents.  I must have been extra good this year.
 Looks like I got a Christmas card as well.  Cool.
A lovely Christmas ornament, this wee bag is full of quilting items has a heart with a bee on it that says "Quilting Bee".
Two very pretty pot holders,  I can always use more pot holders. 
 The white side is the front and red is the back.
 Front side of potholder number two.
 Back side.
A beautiful home sewn credit card holder/wallet complete with a gift card from Second Cup.
 Made in Germany - a fancy designer Christmas tissue pack. 
 These tissues look like fabric.  This will come in handy.
Thank you very much Secret Santa for all the great loot!  Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  1. What a sweet ornament! I can certainly always use more potholders - my son set one of mine on fire - it doesn't work very well any more. LOL Love your blog banner.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog banner. And yes those pot holders are fabulous. I'm also very impressed with the credit card holder. Bravo to my secret Santa .. very well done.

  2. I just noticed your sidebar list of sewing machines. I still sew on my 1996 Viking 500, too, and it is still MY favorite machine. If anything happens to it, I will just have a meltdown!

    1. Yes, I believe the 500 series were the best machines Husqvarna/Viking ever made. Such a pleasure to sew with, if I can fit it under the presser foot my Husqvarna will sew it. Never, ever fussy about thread, the best absolute best satin stitcher and free motion quilter. My love affair with this machine continues. :D

  3. You got some great gifts! What fun! I'm sure you'll enjoy them al!

  4. a lovely package to receive.xx


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