Thursday, November 28, 2013

Polar Fleece Owl - sewing with children

We made stuffed owls this morning.
 This pattern is available free at Sew a Little Fabric's blog.
First, appliqué the black pupils onto the white eyes.  I put embroidery stabilizer behind the white eye ball to prevent the fabric from getting caught in the needle plate hole.  I used a small zig zag stitch with black thread.  After going around each pupil I stitched straight across it as well.
The white eyeballs were blanket stitched to the face.  The eyeballs could be set closer together, even touching would be fine.
 This owl has quilted wings cut from Christmas stocking scrap.
The wings were also blanket stitched in place using matching blue thread.
With right sides together straight stitch the front to the back of the owl,  leaving the space between the wings at the bottom open for turning and stuffing.
 Here is my owl all turned, stuffed and stitched.
 These owls are for the girls to sew.
 Each one is different.
Group shot of the happy stitchers.  It was a most excellent lesson.  Class dismissed. 
Happy stitching all.

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