Thursday, January 9, 2014

Polar fleece hooded vest. Handmade Christmas Challenge January 2014.

My daughter Shannon often plays roller derby in unheated arenas.  Because she wears elbow pads and wrist guards, she wanted a hooded vest with a zipper in the front.  I went through all my patterns and ended up using these two patterns.
 This vest had a zipper but no hood.
This pattern had a hood but no zipper.
Pocket pieces.
 The hood is Kelly green with a black polar fleece lining.
Both the hooded jacket and vest pattern had a collar, so I modified the hood to the width of the collar piece of the vest pattern.
Since Shannon is a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan, the team logo was embroidered on for a finishing touch.
Shannon knit these lovely woolen socks for me for Christmas.
 I just love them, they are so warm and soft.
 This is my dear friend Deb modeling Shannon's new vest.
This hand made vest was actually Shannon's Christmas 2013 present, so it was been mailed to her this week.  My Christmas 2013 sewing projects were postponed to January 2014 because Véronique's son was born December 14, 2013 four weeks premature.  I quickly sewed a dozen receiving blankets, fitted crib sheets and curtains for the nursery.  Better late, than not at all is my motto.  Those lovely hand knit woolen socks were started in 2011.
Happy stitching all.


  1. Wow! Both the vest you made for your daughter and the socks she made for you are lovely. Oooooo, the socks look really warm and comfy!

  2. Very, very nice vest and love the socks!!! The tutu tutorial was also fun! Thanks!

  3. I LOVE my new Rider hoodie! It is soft and super warm. My buddy Jack was jealous and couldn't believe that it was handmade! Nice socks too :)

  4. I love hearing about UFO finishes and your socks look super comfy as does the vest. Silly me as I never thought of making a fleece vest from scratch. Great idea and I love the machine embroidery. Wonderful Christmas gift idea. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


  5. Great gift! I always worry about garment fitting... you did a terrific job on this.


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