Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bose Blue Tooth Speaker Zippered Case.

More fun with this excellent tutorial for mini zipper pouches.  Deby at So Sew Easy also includes a wonderful video with step by step instructions.  I made a carrying case for my husband's Bose Blue Tooth Speaker.
Physical Features
Width12.8 cm
Height13.5 cm
Depth5.3 cm
Width (Inches)5 in
Height (Inches)5.3 in
Depth (Inches)2.1 in
The Bose zippered pouch needed to be big enough to fit the charger and cord as well as easy to slip the speaker inside.  The calculation I used:
  • width plus depth plus 1.65" for seam allowance and easement (5" + 2.1" + 1.65" = 8.75")
  • height plus depth plus 1.65" for seam allowance and easement (5.3"+ 2.1" + 1.65" = 9.15")
  • the zipper tabs are 2.5" by 2.5"
The seam allowances are .25" on the zipper tabs and to sew the bag together opposite the zipper end.  The seam allowance at the top and bottom of the zipper are .5".  The 1.65" seam allowance includes the extra space inside.  The boxed corners are a sewn 1.5" line from the corner.
The inside is soft polar fleece for padding.
The outside is waterproof outdoor fabric.
The fit is good.
Hindsight is always 20/20, the next time I'm making one for a hard surface device, the zipper will be off centre a couple of inches from one end to make it even easier to slip the device in and out.
Just because I had a short brown zipper and left over scrap fabric from my brother's place mats, a small pouch was created.
With lovely boxed corners.
That is shorter and wider than the cell phone case.
My sincere thanks again to Deby at So Sew Easy. 
Dear blog readers, what are you sewing?  Have you ever made a lined zipper pouch?  If yes, I would love to see your photos.

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