Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fixing my sewing machine cabinet.

I have been busy practicing free motion quilting each month to get my challenge pieces completed.  There is a now a stack of quilted sandwiches without binding.  So I thought I would try satin stitch finishing like Janet McElroy's.  What an excellent way to practice satin stitching, scalloped edges and learn to round the corners smoothly.
The variegated thread was sewn on a Pfaff Creative 2.  The plain purple was with my Bernina 930 record.
Unfortunately, only one sample piece was completed when the Bernina ran out of bobbin thread.
That's when the small board ledge that holds the table top insert unglued itself and fell onto the shelf where the sewing machine sits.
It was easy to fix.  First I cleaned the old glue off the ledge piece, then applied a generous layer of new wood glue.  Put the ledge in place and clamped it for 24 hours.
 Yeah my cabinet is fixed!
My husband used to say I had the mechanical capabilities of a fruit fly!  Hmmmm.. not true anymore.  I take pride in being able to use a cordless drill, screwdrivers, pliers, clamps and a hammer.  The clamps are also very handy for stretching the backing of a quilt on a table top for pin basting.

Dear readers, if you have a fix it yourself story, would you please share it?

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