Monday, November 19, 2012

November FMQ Challenge - Spirals

This month's teacher is Sarah Vedeler.  Her tutorial explains and illustrates in detail how to quilt lovely spirals.  I printed off the practice sheets from the tutorial and drew out about six pages of one and two inch spirals.  Then I practiced random spirals on a quilt sandwich without a marked grid.
     This was quilted on a Husqvarna Lily 555
The pink and blue sprials were sewn with Marathon 100% polyester trilobal embroidery thread.
The green thread is 100% Polyester variegated embroidery thread by Paradise Dream.
 Back side.
Then I moved on to my free motion quilting sample quilt.  I marked lines alternating one and two inches horizontally on the rectangle with a green sewline cermanic pencil.
My sample quilt is small, so it was relatively easy to free motion quilt with the smaller harp space on the Husqvarna.
Back side 
 I like this motif and will use it on my quilts.  


  1. I like your swirls! I'm working on mine also but haven't posted them yet. I loved sewing them. I do think they're a bit harder than they look but they are fun. By the way, I have a Husgvarna Rose. It used to be my most used machine until I got the Baby Lock. I still like it and use it from time to time.

  2. Well done with your swirls Tammy! I haven't attempted mine yet as I'm trying to finish off my BOM that I've done this year with Craftsy. Hopefully will get to it before the end of next week!

  3. Great job with your spirals Tammy! The variegated ones are especially nice, this looks like a great design for multicolor thread.

  4. I really like the butterfly you did. I've been trying to manage to do some in my quilting. I have a hard time keeping both sides close in size. LOVE your collection of machines!

    1. Hi Canada Girl,
      The butterflies on this sample were made by tracing the butterfly from a colouring book page on to transparent embroidery tear/wash away backing. Then I pinned the backing to the front of the quilt and quilted right through the tear/wash away backing. The variegated butterflies on my flower and butterflies block were made free hand after lots of practice drawing them on paper. Yes, collecting vintage sewing machines is fun.

  5. What a fine collection of sewing machines- lots of different brands and sizes. I have 4 machines- an Elna quilters dream and an old Kenmore sewing machine are standard size sewing machines. I also have a feather weight ( 1947 version) which is my newest toy. It is a lovely machine- so compact and really nice to piece on. To quilt I have a Babylock machine that is similar to Juki quilt machine. It has a bigger aperiture than the standard machine and comes with an extended table on it. I have made a couple of king sized quilts on it without any problem.
    It has been a fun blog hop - the Canadian blog athon- I have enjoyed meeting other Canadian quilters from across our beautiful country- lots of great quilters here at home.
    You are doing some beautiful quilt designs- I mostly meander my quilts but perhaps some day. Joan Statz has a nice book out of machine quilting designs with some really good details to help learn the different shapes. Happy quilting.
    Regards from Edmonton,


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