Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Seth's zoo animal quilt.

Seth is my great nephew, he was born on July 1, 2012 in Yellowknife, North West Territories, Canada.  I made a quilt for his big sister Gillian in 2010.
The flannel quilt backing is stretched and clamped.  You cannot see the clamps because they are hidden under the batting. Then the batting and quilt top are added.
Once part of the quilt is pin basted the clamps are on all three layers.
Time to start free motion quilting.  The centre is quilted with jesters' hats using 100% polyester blue variegated thread and a schmetz 90/14 embroidery needle.
Stitch length was set to zero with the feed dogs dropped. 
This thread blends in so well with the zoo animals it is hard to see the quilting on the front side.
The backing was pieced with lime green in the middle, red and yellow borders to fit the top.  There is so much fabric in the stash, I cannot justify buying more until some of this is used up.
This is the third quilt I made using zoo animals fabric.  Each one is different.  I have included the links for Nathan's and Cutter's quilt to show how much my quilting has improved.
When I first started free motion quilting all I did was stipling.
The heart shaped leaves were quilted with Marathon 100% polyester thread that looks like cotton quilting thread.  It is much heavier than ordinary polyester and very nice to quilt with.
The outside black border was quilted with zig zags and then echoed once around using the Marathon polyester looks like cotton thread.
 The binding is 100% polyester rip stop nylon. 
This is a quilt that will be washed numerous times so I did not hand stitch the binding in place.
Instead, I used the variegated blue thread with a three stitch zig zag.  This gives the binding a very nice texture.
  My initials and the year.
  Practice piece of Seth's name.  
 The finishing touch!
The quilt measures 62.5 inches by 55 inches, large enough for a toddler bed.
Yippee! ~dancing around the room with glee~  Another UFO completed.


  1. Great job Tammy! Isn't it great when we can see how much improved our FMQ is after this year's challenge! I love the jester's hat design, though still find myself stitching into a corner with no outlet other than breaking thread, lol.

  2. Beautiful quilt!!! You caught my eye with "Seth", my son is named Seth! You created a beautiful quilt!


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