Saturday, December 1, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

Last Saturday, the grocery store special was spend $200 and get a free poinsettia.  Check it out!
 This fantastic plant was free!  I love it.
Today, I'm sewing some gifts, making pumpkin soup and worrying about my husband driving home from Thompson.  Unfortunately, overnight we had freezing rain here.  This morning when I stepped outside to take these photos, our sidewalk was like a skating rink.  I guess I will be doing a slide shuffle when I walk my dog this afternoon.  It is times like this that I wish she would run on my treadmill.
Mr. & Mrs. Snowman  Mr. Snowman has two eyes but from this angle his nose is hiding one.
Our son and daughter-in-law are coming here for Christmas from Calgary.  So I need to make vegetarian cabbage rolls, butter pecan tarts, dark rum brownies and pétite cherry cheesecakes.  Karyann would rather have Créme De Menthe cheesecake, so perhaps I'll make both.  I also make pecan carmel cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas day.
Lily supervising me while I'm cooking in the kitchen.  
Dear readers, do you make any special gifts or treats for the holidays?

Happy Saturday all.

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  1. Is your hubby coming from Thompson Man. brings back great memories ,we lived there for 10 years and when ever we traveled from Thompson to Winnipeg all you heard was pop , pop I finally asked Hubby what it was ,rabbits they were all over the road ,poor little guys ,that stretch of road was so dark you couldn't see them till it was to late .


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