Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter Wonderland - dog walk

On Friday night (November  30) we got freezing rain, last night more freezing rain, which was  followed by heavy fog today.  This makes dog walking on sidewalks and public walkways  treacherous! It is kind of a shuffle slide on the pavement. But look how mother nature dressed up her trees.
 These photos were taken with my Iphone 4S.
Unfortunately, my SLR camera is to big and heavy for outings on foot with the dog.
Don't ask me why I buy quality dog food.   Lily supplements her diet by eating rabbit turds.  She is really disgusting sometimes.
This greenspace/park is two blocks from our house.  It has a jungle gym, a toboggan hill and basketball court with hoops.  There is a paved public walkway with benches.  In summertime boot camp is held here.
 The frostiest part is facing east. 
Back to sewing, laundry and Sunday dinner with Scott & Véronique. Doug is roasting prime rib with onions, potatoes and carrots.  I just love it when he cooks.

Dear Readers,  I hope you enjoyed the scenery on my dog walk.  Do you do Sunday night family dinners?  If yes, who cooks and what are you having for dinner tonight?


  1. Ooooh looks like you are heading for a very white Christmas. Treacherous though the pavements may be for walking, the trees really are beautiful.
    And here I am roasting away heading into summer with 36 degrees C just the other day!

  2. Hi Tammy. I decided to stop by and visit some of the blogs that are in the Secret Santa swap . Your dog reminds me so much of our Piper. We had another Springer for 13 years. When we lost her I found Piper (he's a boy with a girl's name) at the pound....actually the same place I found our other one. Their faces and ears are so similar.
    I love all your snow. I love snow and we haven't gotten anything other than a dusting.

  3. Hi Debby, thanks for stopping by. Yes, snow really makes winter beautiful. I just posted my Secret Santa gift. Lily is my third Springer, she is also the empty nest dog so my husband and I both spoil her rotton. Dogs make such excellent friends.

  4. Sunday night is a free for all for dinner. We do an everybody feed themselves. But, we do have a good Sunday lunch. Be well. Lane


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