Friday, December 7, 2012

Secret Santa Presents - Yippee!!

~Dancing around the room with glee! Its here!  Its here!  Horray!
I must have been extra good this year,  just look at the size of the box!  Notice I did not have time or inclination to clear my cutting table before opening the box from my Secret Santa.
All the gifts were beautifully wrapped and there were so many.
Group photos on top my 2012 free motion quilting sampler challenge quilt.
 Holy smokes, this is so much fun.  
 This looks like home made shortbread cookies.
Yummy... no time to even remove the scotch tape and ribbon from my hand before taking a bite.
Secret Santa, you did a most excellent job selecting, baking, buying and wrapping these presents.  I'm so delighted with everything.
Purple is my favourite colour. Thoughtfully, Santa sent me purple fat quarters, which are perfect for a grape quilt I'm planning. I also got a lovely, shinny, purple cosmetic travel bag.  We are travelling to Hawaii in April 2013.  I'm certain the travel bag will be very useful.
  A lovely purple plum scented bath set.
These items below are fabulous.  Some self-threading needles and a travel needle carrying case that works like a lipstick tube for needles. How cool is that?  The green item is a stapler and the white brush is a nail brush especially handy for gardeners.  The brush holds a bar of ivory soap on the back side which lathers up on the brush side for easy nail cleaning.
 Oh, I just had to eat a second shortbread cookie.
I collect teapots, and my wonderful secret santa sent a teapot in the shape of a wise owl.  I just love it.  No doubt I will be drinking tea out of this pot today.
Last but not least, the Scrap Republic book by Emily Cier.  This was a very timely gift as I have her first book and was planning to buy this one in January.  There is a beautiful Christmas card with a deer on the front and sparkles.  I feel so spoiled.
Ok, so  I ate one more shortbread cookie.  They are so delicious, just melt in my mouth, if weren't for the candied cherry I wouldn't have to chew at all.  I'm pretty sure three shortbread cookies do not count as a nutritious lunch.

Thank you very, very much Secret Santa!  From my house to yours, I wish you Peace, Joy and much Love at Christmas and always.


  1. What fantastic gifts chosen for you!! How fun!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Glad you joined in this year on the Secret Santa fun!

    1. This Secret Santa Soiree was loads of fun. Thanks so much for organizing it Suzanne. p.s. I think I know who my Secret Santa is!

  2. The cookies look so yummy and I think at Christmas they do count as a healthy lunch. :) The purple and blue polka dots would make me want to learn to quilt! Santa was very good to you!

  3. Hi David, I hope you are correct about the shortbread cookie lunch. Yes my Santa was very good to me.

  4. Hi again, Tammy! David was actually me on my husband's computer. (oops?)

    I wanted to own up to that, but also this is baking week for me and I had to put the gingerbread away so there was some left to frost! The scale still said I lost a pound, so it must be true as long as they're Christmas cookies...and you have a salad for lunch. ;)


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